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SECfly is a one-stop solution for all your SEC filings. We provide cloud-based automation filing solutions and fully-managed SEC filing services to our customers across the globe.

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SECfly - Ease Your SEC Compliance

SECfly is a Single Source automation platform for financial reporting in EDGAR, XBRL, iXBRL and typesetting. We are on a mission to help companies by ensuring a hassle-free and accurate financial reporting process. With the help of our automated technology, the financial team’s workflow is guaranteed to be streamlined and they no longer have to spend hours or days repurposing the filing data for SEC Reporting. Companies can quickly deliver accurate financial information to internal and external stakeholders that help them make informed investment decisions.

SECfly has a team of financial experts with more than 35 years of experience who can assist your company in comprehending the regulatory requirements of SEC. Currently, SECfly is serving publicly traded and mutual fund companies for their financial reporting automation and we are glad we could make a difference in their business!

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