Company Search in EDGAR Portal

Every Public Company in Unites States are required to submit their Annual and Quarterly reports to the SEC EDGAR system and it is mandated by the law to disclose their filings into the portal and therefore these filings are made available to access for everyone.

There are several ways to search for a company in EDGAR Database

1.CIK Look Up Tool

CIK is the Central Index Key issued by SEC to filers and it is a unique number through which entire details of the disclosures done by the SEC Registrant can be obtained It gives precise details of a company filings into the SEC and CIK cannot be duplicated.

2. Company Name

This option allows to enter the Name of the Company as the input if no other details of the registrant are found. EDGAR Database fetches all the relevant companies according to the given name

3.Boolean Operators

SEC allows users to input Boolean search operators into their search terms in order to retrieve more precise data from the SEC Database

“Securities filings” AND “disclosures”

“Securities filings” OR “disclosures”

4. Most Recent Filings

SEC has got a recent filings section through which all the recent filings done by public companies can be accessed. It also search filters such as Company Name, CIK, Form Type and number of entries. With this one can track the recent filings that gets into the EDGAR database. This include all kind of forms such as annual, quarterly filings and S-1 Statements

5. Daily Filings by Type

This section in SEC allows to view the data based on form types such as 10K, 10Q, 14, 485, S-8, 8-K. As per the requirements only the particular form type will be retrieved. These are the different forms that are mandated for Public Companies to disclose it.

6. Mutual Funds

Mutual fund disclosures can be found out by entering the mutual fund name in the EDGAR search tool and the financial details of the particular fund can be obtained

Generally majority of the filings or disclosures are done by the Filing Agents.

SEC Filings service provider are the ones who execute EDGAR conversion services which involves converting Annual Disclosures into SEC accepted formats such as HTML, XML, etc

Small and Medium scale Public companies hire Filing Agents for their filing needs on Annual basis

 This Database helps general Public to research on company’s financial filings to make better or safer investments and thereby ensuring the financial transparency.

Financial analysis also being carried out with these data based on the filings for stock trading  and it is used extensively to influence market sentiments and thereby profit and loss in trading stocks. These data are also used by major investment banking firms to make advanced financial analysis in order to funnel the investments for a better profitability.

These methods will help to find the company’s filings while navigating the EDGAR Website and the tools offered by it are helpful to know the financial situation to make much improved decisions in investing into the company.

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