Is your existing EDGAR Filing Agent the right fit for your reporting needs?

Filing Agent for Edgar system

In this, we will discuss about the filing agents  and their role in fulfilling the company’s reporting needs and we will discover whether the filing agent does a satisfactory job for the price you pay.

Generally Filing agents carry out the EDGARizing of documents which involves conversion of documents into SEC accepted formats. These forms are 8-k, 10-k, 10-Q and all these require typesetting to ensure these documents are aligned with proper spacing. They take care of the entire reporting workflow and thereby companies need not have dedicated SEC reporting Team. Small businesses benefit al lot as the entire process can be outsourced to the SEC EDGAR Filing service provider thereby saving reporting costs and reducing reporting complexities

Traditional WorkFlow

Most of the filing agents follow traditional workflow and does not have any automated workflow systems to fasten the filing process. It involves manual intervention at every stage right from uploading the documents , making corrections and fulfillment of the documents. This is obsolete way of reporting process which actually increases the reporting complexities and takes more time to process the documents

Support Team

A dedicated support team is necessary to follow up the SEC compliance process on behalf of companies but most of filing agents do not have in-house support team to offer the services to client or companies since it involves lot of micro tasks which are required to complete the compliance process.

Turn Around Time(TAT)

Turn around time has to be really quick as these documents have to be converted fast and it has to be filed in EDGAR system before the deadline. Filing agents with optimized workflow can give better turn around time or faster conversion of data. Hence make sure that the filing agents you choose have faster TAT so that companies don’t miss the given deadlines.


Compare the prices of your Filing Agent with other providers. Some Filing agents price it very high for the services offered. But Secfly offers companies unlimited SEC Filings with affordable pricing which gives maximum client satisfaction and it is the best price in the SEC Filing Industry.

Meeting SEC Updates

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) constantly make changes in the filing standards for the companies. Recently SEC has mandated inline XBRL reporting standard for the larger companies by phasing out XBRL. Hence XBRL changes to iXBRL standard and companies have to adopt to it. In this case having a Filing agent ensures that companies stay up-to-date with all the SEC updates and eliminates the filing errors since agents take care of all the micro issues involved.


To make we stand top as a EDGAR filing services provider, SECfly has developed an single source automation platform which takes care of all the SEC Filings and the entire process has been automated in order to have an better reporting workflow for companies to have a hassle free SEC Reporting in EDGAR system and to make sure the services are delivered on-ti me ensuring maximum client satisfaction with minimal turn around time

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