When it comes to investor and shareholder communications, last minute changes in reports and delay in mailing delivery can often cause problems for companies. SECfly is a single source automation platform that streamlines the entire process right from printing to distribution and hosting.

Our platform delivers rush design and printing services for all financial documents such as Proxy Statements, Quarterly and Annual reports, IPOs, Prospectuses, Shareholder reports, etc. No matter how complex the financial documents are, SECfly transforms them in a clear and concise way, which helps investors make informed decisions.


SECfly’s financial typesetting can convert financial documents into stylish and powerful communication tools for investors and shareholders. With a quick turnaround time and 100% accuracy, we take care of all the financial documentation. SECfly offers standard and customized typesetting templates, graphs, charts and infographics for conveying the message in a concise manner.

Key Features of SECfly

  • Single Source Platform
  • Data Linking
  • Easily edit content & graphs in the ‘editor’ with a user-friendly interface like MS Word
  • Inbuilt blacklining feature for track changes
  • Validating HTML files for SEC filing
  • Real time PDF review : CPO, Current, Cumulative and Print PDF

SECfly has great expertise in the creation, print and electronic dissemination of shareholder and investor communications.


SECfly offers high quality printing service for the company’s annual reports, prospectuses, and collaterals. From simple black and white to multi-color or complex binding and die-cutting requirements, SECfly has got you covered!


Distribution of annual reports, proxy statements, and marketing collaterals by mail.


Uploading your financial statements and proxies on a secure cloud hosting platform.

Service Offerings

  • Software & Services

    SECfly is a license model, SAAS-based software suite that offers end-to-end SEC compliance solutions.Learn More

  • Design & Printing

    Perform automatic pagination with a predefined InDesign Template and generate a Printable PDF output.Learn More

  • Workflow Design

    Store all confidential data in SECfly’s secure data center and assign it to multiple users for edits.Learn More

  • Data Store & Security

    All data is secured on Amazon Cloud server and validated through SOC 1, SOC 2 and FedRAMP compliance.Learn More