SECfly offers financial translation services which effectively translates your SEC documents from all Foreign languages into English language which is executed as per the requirements of SEC and filed accordingly within a quick turnaround time.
Financial Translation of documents makes it easy for investors and financial experts to view and analyse the financial reports in order to make effective investment decisions.

For a hassle-free financial translation, we support a wide range of SEC forms for financial translation such as,

  • F-1
  • 20-F
  • 20-F/A
  • 20-F/A
  • 20FR12B
  • 20FR12B/A
  • 20FR12G
  • 20FR12G/A
  • 40-F
  • 40-F/A
  • 40FR12B
  • 40FR12B/A
  • 40FR12G
  • 40FR12G/A
  • 6-K
  • 6-K/A

SECfly Benefits

1. Accurate and Error-free translations Powered by AI.
2. Reduced Translation Costs.
3. Multiple Validation Checks.
4. Highest Quality of Translated Documents.
5. Quick Turnaround Time.
6. Dedicated Project Management Team.
7. 24/7 Dedicated Support.

In addition to Financial Translation services, we also offer fully managed SEC Reporting Solutions for IFRS Filers which includes:

  • Preparation of financial documents in accordance with IFRS as issued by the IASB.
  • Precise tagging of data using IFRS Taxonomy elements and the XBRL syntax.
  • Fully Compliant to SEC guidelines issued for foreign filers.
  • Documents validation with IFRS taxonomy releases prior to a live submission for the filings.