Risk and Controls Management

Risk and Controls management plays an integral role in business strategy as it helps in identifying any potential risks or damages that can affect the organization’s smooth functioning in the future. With the evolving regulations and tight deadlines, risk and controls management has become more tedious than ever before.

SECfly is an intuitive platform that ensures an effective risk and controls management. We provide end-to-end solutions at each level right from planning to reporting.

Key Takeaways of SECfly’s Risk and Controls Management

Real-time Collaboration

SECfly’s cloud-based automation platform allows internal and external stakeholders to securely share, review, and certify risk and control data.

Data Security with role-based control

With role-based access control, it provides limited access to authorized users so they can view only the required information.

Audit Trail History

An audit trail history gets automatically created that clearly shows who made what revisions and when. This ensures complete transparency to internal and external stakeholders.

Automatic updating of numbers and narratives

Whenever a change is made in the narratives or numbers across graphs or flowcharts, all linked data gets automatically updated.

Version Control

Every user has access to the latest version eliminating the need for email trails, and handwritten notes.

SOX Compliance – Take a smart step now for a bright future!

Compliance requirements vary according to changing governments and regulatory policies. SOX Compliance is a must-have measure for ensuring data security and transparency.

SECfly enables companies to effectively address SOX compliance challenges, and reduce the time and costs involved in managing compliance.

The automation platform reduces compliance efforts and costs by rationalizing controls using a risk-based approach.

Managing compliance has never been easier!

Brings the team together with real-time collaboration

SECfly brings the entire team onboard and synchronizes workflows by allowing them to collaborate in all stages of SOX compliance process. The real-time dashboard also manages evidence requests, track responses and approvals.

Compliant with industry standards and regulations

When new regulatory requirements evolve, SECfly reviews them and adopt the ones that are relevant for our clients. This ensures investor confidence by providing accurate and reliable data on control testing, certifications, and issue resolution.

24/7 Expert Guidance

Get 24/7 support from SECfly’s dedicated financial team comprising of CPA’s and financial advisors.

Data security

All data is stored in secure cloud servers to safeguard the customer data against threats and unauthorized access. SECfly ensures optimal data security validated through SOC1, SOC2, and FedRAMP Compliance.

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